Beware of Fake Collars

Be aware of fake and imitation collars

As Seresto® has increased in popularity amongst pet owners, it has become a target by fraudsters; looking to cash in on pet owners’ efforts to keep their pet protected from fleas and ticks by selling them fake or imitation collars.

Purchasing a fake or imitation collar will be ineffective against flea and tick protection and will cost you more in the long run.

Your pet’s health and protection are the most important things to us. So, we’ve created this page to help make it easier for you to purchase a genuine Seresto® collar.

Genuine Seresto® flea and tick collars can only be purchased through your local vet clinic, pet store or authorised online retailer.  Ask for it by name.

Where to buy Seresto®

Ask for Seresto® at your local vet clinic, pet store or authorised online retailer.

Your local vet clinic

Your local pet store

Authorised online retailer

What to look for when buying Seresto®

To be assured you are buying a genuine Seresto® flea and tick collar, look out for the Seresto® gold or original pack at your local vet clinic, pet store or authorised online retailer. 

Some pet owners may be concerned about using a collar due to potential strangulation issues, particularly for cats. Unlike other flea collars, Seresto® for cats and small dogs includes a 2-step safety release system. 

The Seresto® collar has been registered for use in NZ under the ACVM Act 1997.

How to avoid purchasing a fake or imitation flea and tick collar

For long-lasting protection

A flea and tick collar like no other, Seresto® prevents both flea and tick infestations via simple contact with your cat or dog’s skin. The Seresto® flea and tick collar provides long-lasting protection, and remains effective for eight months.

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Seresto is a registered trade mark of Elanco. 
Seresto® is registered under the ACVM Act 1997.

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