Be aware of fake and imitation collars

Due to the popularity of Seresto® amongst pet owners and their pets it has become a target for fake and imitation collars, made by fraudsters looking to cash in on your efforts to keep your pet protected.

Purchasing a fake or imitation collar may be ineffective and cost you and your pet more in the long run.

Your pet’s health and protection are the most important things to us. So, we’ve created this page to help make it easier for you to purchase a genuine Seresto® collar.

Where to purchase Seresto®?

Authorised online retailer

Your local vet practice

Your local pet store

What to avoid?

Unauthorised online platforms

Suspicious advertisements on social media

Cheap Seresto imitations

Avoiding fake collars

ONLY Seresto® provides long-lasting flea and tick protection for your dog or cat in a single application that lasts up-to 8 months. 

Seresto® repels ticks and kills fleas before they get a chance to bite your pet, helping keep them comfortable and protected against harmful diseases.

How to avoid purchasing a fake or imitation flea and tick collar

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Seresto® is registered under the ACVM Act 1997.

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